Serta Service Policy

Service Policy

Serta mattresses and foundations have been manufactured to the exacting standards required for hospitality industry use. We anticipate no defects in material or workmanship. However, if such defects were to occur in the product, other than the ticking, our service policy covers both mattress and matching box foundation when purchased and used in sets.

Serta Mattress offers a 10-year non pro-rated warranty for Perfect Sleeper and Perfect Day mattresses and box foundations. The warranty is initiated upon date of delivery to the property.

Failure to use proper bed frame support, improper care or indications that the bedding has been burned, soiled or received obvious abuse, will void the warranty. Abuse is not a manufacturers defect and is not covered by warranty. Proper frame support requires a metal bed frame (or bed base) that provides center support that extends to the floor. King size bed frames must have a minimum of six (6) legs. Queen size bed frames must have a minimum of five (5) legs. King size beds must have a minimum of twelve (12) legs. Queen, Full and Full XL must have a minimum of nine (9) legs. Bed bases require 3 cross supports in all sizes. In addition, Serta will only warrant properly installed Universal/RidGid Bed Legs on box foundations and will not be responsible otherwise. RidGid provides proper installation instruction with legs. Customer must notify Serta (prior to production) of their intention to use RidGid ready legs so that the proper RidGid ready box foundations are manufactured.

Please see example of proper frame support below:

Our service policy relates only to defects, which are due to faulty workmanship or defective materials, and not to normal wear and tear. This warranty policy provides for repair or replacement at Serta’s discretion. Products will be manufactured in accordance to meet or exceed any federal, state or building code requirements. All mattress comply with 16/CFR/PART/1632/(FF4-72) AND 16/CFR/PART/1633. No representation is made or responsibilities taken as to flammability beyond these standards. If identical materials are not available at the time of repair or replacement, we reserve the right to substitute materials of equal quality. A $10 handling charge per piece may be added for all repairs or replacements. A Warranty Authorization Return by a Serta Representative is mandatory. Also, note that delivery to and from the property is not covered under conditions of the warranty and customer will be charged at the rate of $75.00 within normal delivery areas.

For more information or to make a warranty claim, please call 877-737-8245.

Service Policy Disclaimer: Serta warranties do not apply to mattresses or box foundations that are damaged due to misuse, alteration, accident, improper installation, neglect or everyday wear and tear. Warranted defects are corrected on a repair or replace basis on Serta’s option. Serta mattress warranties apply only to mattresses on Serta foundations or box foundations. Queen and King size beds sets must use a bed frame or bed leg system that provides appropriate support in the center and on both ends of the box spring.